Group reading



Are you a book lovers and enjoy sharing your thoughts on stories that particularly affect you? Then this activity is for you!

Take a good look at your bookshelf to find that book that warmed your heart, or go to the library for inspiration and gather some friends! You might inspire them to become avid readers!


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  • Before the activity, reach out to your firends and propose them to meet at somebody’s place, at the library or through a videocall. You should choose a book, and read it entirely or select some of its chapters to read in group. Before meeting in the library, make sure you can gather and talk freely there. Regardless of the option you will follow, identify 3 to 4 issues/questions to guide the group discussion after the reading. 
  • If you opt for the videocall, make sure to create the link on time and share it with your friends. Having a good Internet connection and access to an electronic device (tablet, smartphone or PC) is essential.
  • During the activity, make sure somebody takes on the role of coordinator, it may be you or one of your friends. 
  • Once the reading is finished, kick-start the group discussion following the pre-defined questions. Make sure everyone has the time and opportunity to have their say and make participants feel at ease.

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