Movie lab



Are you a movie lover or simply enjoy watching a good movie in good company? Then this activity is for you!

This activity is designed to discover a new hobby together or to deepen your passion for movies, with the goal of meeting like-minded people, creating a community and having fun together!


Here are the steps to follow:

  • Invite your friends at your place, or go to the cinema together. Choose a film you like from YouTube or from the cinema’s notice board. Before watching the film, identify three to four questions you want to discuss about with your peers after the film. If you can’t come up with questions, don’t worry! You may always decide to talk about the aspects that touched you the most during the film after it. .
  • If you are at home, make sure that the room is equipped with a video projector or a wide screen that make it easy for everybody to see and follow the film. Also, make sure the room is wide enough to allow your friends to move if necessary. 
  • Decide who will be the coordinator in the discussion, that is who will manage your firends’ interventions so that everyone will have the possibility to have their say. 
  • Once the film ends, kick-start the group discussion following the pre-defined questions. Make sure everyone has the time and opportunity to have their say and make participants feel at ease.

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