Vintage market

Vintage market


As we all know, our homes get easily full of things we pile up over time, because we think they might be of use somehow in some other time. Yet in the end such things get rapidly old and we rapidly forgot to have them somewhere in our attic or wardrobe. Then why shouldn’t we give such things a new life?

Join us in the organisation of a vintage market, where we will all bring something we no longer use but that is still in good conditions for it to regain value and exchange with something else we need. This will be a fantastic occasion to meet new people, have fun together, while remembering old stories behind the objects each one brings and build community!

The market will be free, so the exchange of items will occur as an in-kind transaction. You need to bring something you want to exchange with the others, so that it will be a win-win exchange. For example, you can bring books, clothes, small pieces of furniture, accessoires, etc.


Feb 28 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Association Generations
Ул Гугулят 20, 1000 София


Association Generations
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