Fairy Tale World

Fairy Tale World


We would love to invite you for a nostalgic journey to the Fairy Tale World, forthcoming workshop which will enable you to let your imagination run wild and explore the limits of your creativity.

In this workshop, you will be assigned into a small group in which, together with your colleagues, you will discuss what fairy tales you would like to bring into real life through your art. It is a great moment  for reminiscing about the good old days, sharing memories and emotions that such things as specific fairy tales arouse in you. In the next step you will be asked to draw the interpretation of the chosen tale. You can choose to focus on certain characters, scenes or your thoughts and feelings connected to the tale. You have a free hand to create your own small piece of art. When you finish, you will exchange your picture with another participant and redo the process once again. At the end, the drawings will be presented before the whole group and you will be asked to share what was your inspiration to draw certain things and your reflection on the certain tale.

By engaging in such a creative process you will be able to express yourself in your own, unique way. Furthermore, you will have a chance to meet amazing people and instantly build closer relationships with them by cooperating, having a shared purpose and finally reaching satisfaction and pride in finishing the work together.

Do not hesitate and let yourself have a little fun with us on a day full of artistic endeavors, shared laughs and amazing stories!


Feb 20 2024


10:00 am - 11:30 am


Residenza Rosa Zalivani Viale IV Novembre 27, 31100 Treviso


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