Creative Cooking Lab

Creative Cooking Lab

Creative Cooking Lab


What is the thing that brings everybody together, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity? Perhaps there are much more things than we imagine, yet one for sure is food. Food is an essential part of our life, it can comfort us, it can make us happy, especially when we share it!

Get on board of this creative cooking lab, where you will not only put into practice your culinary knowledge and skills, but you will also get to know new people while tasting the delicacies cooked together.

Don’t worry you won’t be asked to cook difficult dishes, the main purpose here is to enjoy good company, have fun and make new friendships!

You will be welcomed into a fully equipped kitchen, where you can choose from one or two recipes to carry out. The ingredients will already be available, you’ll just turn on your creativity!

Always notify if there are allergies or dietary restrictions!


Feb 20 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Ул Гугулят 20, 1000 София


Association Generations
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